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No.3 - LA22 9HT
Wistaria - LA22 9HP

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Peaceful, tranquil and a fabulous spot for walking. Whether you wish to climb the summits or amble through the fells Langdale is a great starting point.

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September 2022

Wistaria Cottage Access Statement

The general construction of the cottage is a 2 up and 2 down arrangement with a bathroom added at the side between the lower and the upper floors. Both external access doors are on the front of the cottage giving direct access to the lounge and the kitchen with no steps. The door sizes are 30" wide, 72" high and 31" wide and 70" high respectively. An internal door of 70" high and 28" wide connects these 2 rooms.

The bathroom is accessed via the first 3 steps of the staircase including a 90deg. turn to the right - the bathroom door is 74" high and 27" wide; each step 9" high; staircase width 28".

The bedrooms are on the upper floor accessed via the staircase again turning 90deg. to the left after the first 3 steps, with a further 6 steps to the landing from which the bedrooms are accessed with doors 30" wide and 71" high. Both bedrooms are on he same level as the landing.

Car Parking for 1 vehicle is provided off-road immediately in front of the cottage.

No.3 Main Street Access Statement

The cottage is contained in a row of 5 cottages, accessed from the road at the front via a porch nd a front door 35” wide, 73” high.

Rear access is via a terrace common to all the cottages through a door 31” wide and 71” high and involving 1 step.

The ground floor consists of a lounge at the front and a kitchen/diner at the rear with a connecting door 28.5” wide and 72” high. Both rooms are on the same level.

Bedrooms and bathroom are on the upper floor, accessed via a narrow staircase width 22” with 11 steps each 8” high giving access to a landing from which a twin-room at the front with a door 28* wide and 72” high; a single room at the rear with a door 25” wide and 75” high with a small bathroom in between with a door 25” wide and 72” high; all rooms again being on the same level.